Pure. Pursuit.

Every Pursuit boat is created through advanced design, engineering and production supported by proven manufacturing processes that deliver a quality Pursuit Boat over and over again whether it is 23 or 40 feet in length.  The concept starts with an extensive study of the market that looks for opportunities to provide a new model Pursuit in the right configuration based on the expertise of the company.  It involves both internal and external investigation by experienced and accredited engineers and marine professionals. It also builds on the incomparable success and experience of 70 years of boat building.  Customer centric design and engineering are then matched to the market demands to develop a new exciting Pursuit Boat.

Pure Pursuit is proven hulls matched to dependable Yamaha Outboards.  It is refined lamination techniques.  It is vacuum infused stringer grids, verified installations and patented designs.  It is a dedication to delivering an authentic, high quality product at all levels of development and production meant to provide endless hours of enjoyment for her user.

A Note from the Manufacturer

Pursuit Heritage and Passion

Thank you for considering the purchase of a new Pursuit Boat.  Our heritage and passion for boat building rests firmly in the heart of our founder and my father, Leon Slikkers.  Passion, inspiration innovation, quality and excellence are a few of the words used to describe our ultimate goal when delivering a new Pursuit Boat.  They are also words that are synonymous with the brand Pursuit, earned through 70 years of boat building by hand under the direction of our Founder and Chairman Leon Slikkers.

One of the most rewarding experiences in my role within Pursuit Boats is the ability to share in the same passion and inspiration established by my father.  It is also evident in the pride and joy of our extended family of employees building Pursuit boats every day.  Pursuit’s heritage and legacy are very rare in the world of luxury boat manufacturing today.

My desire is that when you encounter our company for the first time whether it be digitally, through an authorized dealer, a friend, a factory tour or firsthand at a boat show, you feel the inspiration and passion of our company to deliver the best experience on the water.  And when you walk aboard a Pursuit you feel the timeless style, solid construction, innovation, and quality that we strive to build into every Pursuit Boat.

So whether you aspire to catch a blue marlin, watch your children or grandchildren toss a yellowtail over the gunwale, slay some Great Lakes salmon or travel to a secluded island cove, make a long coastal passage through inland waterways or simply slide out into your favorite waterway in search of the ultimate sunset, know that we are right there with you and that we wish for you to be inspired by the experience and use of your Pursuit Boat.  Just as we are inspired to build them.  Enjoy.

Thomas B. Slikkers – CEO & President, S2 Yachts