Classic American Yachting.
Welcome to Tiara Yachts.

Guided by the steadfast tenants of industry-leading quality, integrity and innovative engineering, Tiara Yachts blends classic nautical design with a flair for fresh and timeless styling. Uncompromising commitments to enduring value and the highest standards of seakeeping and customer care are crafted into every Tiara boat we build.

Tiara delivers what our standards have always demanded, our owners have come to expect, and the competition never imagined. Luxury yachts with quality you can believe in.

Commitment to Excellence

It is their conviction that to be the best is not sufficient, for that is only a comparison to the standards of others.

Tiara Yachts sets itself apart by pursuing the ultimate goal of perfection, both in the products they make and in the entire conduct of their business.

They embrace the responsibility of providing support to their dealers, establishing cooperative working relationships with their suppliers, and building a product that inspires customer confidence and satisfaction.

They commit themselves to designing, engineering, and manufacturing their boats to exact standards and specifications.

In so doing, they are confident their products will be a source of pleasure, a matter of pride and a lasting investment to their owners.

At CJam Yacht Sales we are proud to be a Tiara Yachts Dealer!